Welcome! In our rustic Bed & Breakfast in the beautiful Auvergne - Haute Loire

In the mountainous and woody nature park Livradois Forez, a lane of 350 years old beeches leads to a tiny hamlet called Folgoux, hidden  between ferns and moss-pine and consisting of a small castle, two farms, some  meadows and a lot of forests. A small paradise on 920 m altitude and far away from the common hectic. The tarmac ends here.


Lots to do, nothing needs to be done...

In this "cadre magnifique" we have transformed the old former castlefarm into a Bed and Breakfast with adjoining Brocante. Atmosphere, calmness, genuine food and country life are ruling! The Livradois Forez is the biggest nature parc of France (ca. 8000 km²), situated in the Auvergne and is a protected area where silence, nature and authenticity still are ruling. No Industrie, traffic jams, concrete, air-, noise- and lightpollution…this is the still the domain of kites, foxes, tiny romain churches, orchis and fresh air.


Yoga retreats led by Faeq Biria

We'll update here if the retreats are continued in 2020


Looking forward to meet you!

Mary and Peter


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